Audio Ltd EN2 Kit Ch.51

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Audio Ltd EN2 Kit Ch.51

If you are frequently faced with situations where you need to record two signals (a conversation between an individually miked presenter and an interviewee for example), the DX2 is the solution. Like the DX receiver, it’s true diversity but, with two sets of paired receivers built in, it can handle the signal from two separate transmitters. The unit can be attached directly to a sound mixer but is also compact enough to fit discreetly onto a video camera. In addition, it can also be used as a stereo link to send the output from a mixer to a professional camera. It’s this versatility combined with clear, uninterrupted sound that makes the DX2 the perfect choice for documentary makers, ENG applications and HD video productions. The DX2 receiver can be externally powered from 6 – 18V DC allowing it to be camera mounted or placed in the mixer bag and powered from a single external source.

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