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photoAKG Silver C451 Props£2.00£8.00More Info
photoAKG Silver CK1 Props£2.00£8.00More Info
photoAudio Ltd Period Hand Held Microphone Props£5.00£20.00More Info
photoAudio Ltd Prop Hand Held Transmitter Props£8.00£30.00More Info
photoAudio Ltd Prop Receiver Props£5.00£20.00More Info
photoBaird 1950s tape recorder with attached microphone Props£10.00£40.00More Info
photoBeyerdynamic DT48 Headphones Props£2.00£8.00More Info
photoElectrovoice 6498 1960's Personal Microphone Props£5.00£20.00More Info
photoEMI PM201A Period Microphone Props£10.00£40.00More Info
photoGrampian DP4 Dynamic Stick Microphone 1950's Props£5.00£20.00More Info
photoLustraphone 1960's Talkback Microphone Props£3.00£12.00More Info
photoMicron Hand Held Radio Microphone For Prop Use Props£5.00£20.00More Info
photoMotorola MX340 Walkie Talkie Props£5.00£20.00More Info
photoRCA BK6B 1960's Personal Microphone Props£5.00£20.00More Info
photoRFS Lightweight Headset Microphone Props£3.00£12.00More Info
photoRFS Long Boom Pole Props£3.00£12.00More Info
photoRFS Personal Microphone Props£3.00£12.00More Info
photoRFS Prop Earpiece Props£2.00£8.00More Info
photoSennheiser 805T Shot Gun Microphone Props£6.00£24.00More Info
photoSennheiser M101 4 Channel Mixer Props£5.00£20.00More Info
photoShaftesbury 1920's R Model Microphone Props£10.00£40.00More Info
photoSTC 4017-C 1930's Microphone Props£10.00£40.00More Info
photoSTC 4032 Hand Held Microphone Props£5.00£20.00More Info
photoTrix 1950's Microphone Props£5.00£20.00More Info
photoUtah Period Headphones Props£1.00£4.00More Info